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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Fast and good quality"

"Overnight option; new mobile app for refills"


"Quick delivery on medications."


"The people that work at this location."

"Overnight shipping is available."

"Easy to order online, great customer service, and very helpful."


"Super fast delivery and there's never a problem with it. When renewal issues arise, PMO staff works with me to resolve the issues and keep me on track with my Rx."


"Delivery option"

"That I can request a refill via the online form and if an Rx needs a new script from the Doctor, the PMO pharmacy takes care of it - THEY call the doctor."

"You deliver"

"Quick and easy service!"

"You can order online and it arrives at your location the next day. Very friendly and helpful."


"Very easy"

"The people"

"Best customer service"

"Ease of ordering"

"They are very considerate of my husband's schedule and his need for his medication. Wonderful!"

"Fast delivery, and works for you by handling getting new refills from your doctor, as well as working with you on med programs too."

"This pharmacy is fast, reliable, and trustworthy."

"Greatly appreciate the fact that I just place a refill request online and if there are ZERO refills remaining, PMO calls the Doctor's office to request a refill for me, and they do it fast & efficiently!!"

"I always get to talk to the same people; fast, friendly, and efficient!"

"Knowledgeable and friendly staff; rapid and dependable delivery"

"Speedy delivery"

"Reliability and fast shipping"

"The folks I talk to on the phone are always kind, courteous, and follow up as needed. Delivery is always timely; I can speak from experience because PMO has been dispensing my medication since May 13, 2011 - same employees, same service!"

"The timely manner in which you get your medicine."

"Fast and efficient"


"Fast; efficient"


"Shipment option"

"Quick refills and home delivery"

"It is the county pharmacy."

"Convenient, efficient, and friendly staff"

"Quick and easy to refill."

"Great customer service and shipping!!"

"Best customer service!! They go above and beyond to make sure that we are satisfied customers."

"Fast overnight shipping is available if needed."


"Pharmacists and techs are very friendly and helpful."

"No waiting"

"I don't have to leave the house to get prescriptions. They're fast and friendly!"

"They deliver"

"They have been on time with my important medication for over 2 years consistently. If they have issues or questions they don't hesitate to call. Thanks for being a big part of my life and my condition."

"Kind and friendly staff; convenience and location"

"If zero refills remain on an Rx, PMO calls your Doctor to get a new batch of refills."

"Ease of refilling prescriptions"

"The timing of the delivery, and great customer service."

"Great, friendly, and excellent customer service!"

"Delivery service"

"Excellent customer service, friendly, and fast to respond in order to make sure you are never out of your needed prescription."

"Always on time"

"Fast and efficient"

"Fast and easy refills at a good price."

"Easy online refills"

"Everything is done professionally and efficiently."

You can help PMO Rx by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!